Employment Standard Drug Testing

The Standard Operating Procedure or SOP of every company when accepting new applicants or evaluating their employees is to have a general medical check-up that includes alcohol and drug testing. To make sure that their employees are fit and can still function well in the workplace. This is one requirement because company needs to take care of their business and each of their workers well-being. Having the company applicants and employees check can reduce and also avoid risk of injuries, incidents and accidents in the workplace area.


There are six types and timing perform for each applicant or employee to have drug testing in the workplace that company owners usually conduct. They wanted to build and maintain solid drug free workplace program. The drug testing for the workplace types and timing includes the following:

  1. Pre-employment – The pre-employment drug testing is the most common type. It is a SOP during hiring period to all applicants undergo drug testing.
  2. Random – The random drug testing is use only to prevent employee workplace drug abuse.
  3. Reasonable Suspicion – The supervisors and managers must be properly trained to recognize the “indicators” of employee workplace drug use.
  4. Post-accident – Having a history and result positive on drug testing must have a post-accident test again just to make sure the employee is clear.
  5. Return to Duty for formerly suspended employees
  6. Follow-ups applied only to formerly suspended employees if re-hired

This is all the practice each company doing to secure their business and safety of their employees. The employment standard drug test has no exemption. It is a good policy to observed and must be regularly monitored by the higher position to reduce and prevent people using drugs in their workplace. Having a drug free workplace expected to have a fruitful and positive feedback to the business.